1- Air Arabia is the Middle East and North Africas leading low-cost carrier (LCC). Air Arabia commenced operations in October 2003 and currently operates from Sharjah International Airport to a wide range of destinations spreading across the Middle East, Africa, Indian Subcontinent and Europe
2- Air Arabia is an award-winning airline that focuses on offering comfort, reliability and value-for-money air travel.
3- Air Arabia will fly you to over 101 destinations spread across the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Europe. Air Arabia offers you comfort, reliable and value for money air travel across their network and with their value preposition "More than Just Low Fares", help you to fly more often to more places at your own convenience!
4- Air Arabia is the first publicly listed airline in the region providing the carrier an independent path to growth and profitability.
5- Air Arabia is not only committed to providing affordable air travel but is also dedicated to uplifting the lives of those who are less fortunate. Taking responsibility and lead on social needs of local and international communitys has been part of their success. To this end, the carrier has implemented a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program for sustainable development with an emphasis on providing better education and healthcare for underprivileged communities.
Fleet :
1- Air Arabia operates one aircraft type, the Airbus A320, the worlds best ever selling commercial jetliner, which is recognized as the benchmark for single-aisle aircraft.
2- All aircraft cabin interiors are fitted with world-class comfort seats, offering the highest seat pitch of any economy cabin across the globe with a spacious seat pitch of 32 inches (measured from the same point on one seat to the same point on the seat in front).

3- Air Arabias current fleet consists of 44 new Airbus A320 aircraft. The company has an existing order with Airbus for 44 Airbus A320 aircraft.