Eastern Europe Tour is a Destination management company providing services to Travel-fsu.org .

Eastern Europe Tour organizes tours to the Czech Republic and all surrounding countries, namely Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Germany. Thanks to their professional and extensive team of service coordinators, authorized guides and exclusive representatives located in various cities within Easter Europe, they are able to provide the best service to our client.
Since 2008, our clients has benefited from our personal approach. Our commitment to tailor each trip means that each tour is unique and meets our clients requirements respecting the quality and the budget. The responsibility for our clients begins from the receiving at the transport terminal and continues through the entire visit up to the seeing-off a satisfied guest at the transport terminal. Besides professional travel and accommodation services, we offer our guests lunch, dinner and catering according to customers demand.
For MICE groups, we provide tailor-made services creating a lasting impression for each meeting, conference and other corporate event. Our services include venue sourcing, accommodation, transfer, team building activities, outdoor and indoor activities and special entertainment like Belly dance, Brazilian Dance and Arabian performance show, etc.
Holidays are meant for having a break from daily routine, enjoying the time with close people. To organize everything at unknown place, without the knowledge of local language can bring additional work and concerns, which we do not like. Our desire is to make you relaxed, have fun, enjoy your holidays and throw your worries away, we will handle.