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total: 250 km
standard gauge: (1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in)) 250 km
narrow gauge: none

Overall length of roads in Montenegro is 5,277 km, of which 1,729 km is paved. The roads in Montenegro are categorized in the following way:
•    Motorways (Autoputevi) - There are currently no roads built to motorway standards, but two motorways are currently in planning stages: Bar - Boljare motorway and Montenegrin section of Adriatic–Ionian motorway.
•    Main roads (Magistralni putevi) - roads connecting bigger cities and regions of Montenegro. Most of the main roads of Montenegro are listed with International E-road network, and are locally labeled with M letter followed by a number. Typically, these are paved roads of single carriageway type, featuring one lane per direction, with frequent addition of a third overtaking lane on sections with steep gradients. Curve radii usually allow speeds of up to 80 km/h, and width of a single traffic lane is usually at least 3m. Main roads listed with International E-road network in Montenegro are:
•     E65 / E80, locally M2 (Debeli Brijeg/Croatia - Petrovac - Podgorica - Kolašin - Berane - Rožaje - border with Serbia)
•     E762, locally M18 (Border with Albania - Božaj - Tuzi - Podgorica - Danilovgrad - Nikšić - Plužine - Šćepan Polje - border with Bosnia & Herzegovina)
•     E763, locally M21 (Bijelo Polje - border with Serbia)
•     E851, locally M2.4 (Petrovac - Sutomore - Bar - Krute - Ulcinj - Sukobin - border with Albania)]

Montenegro has two international airports, with their IATA Airport Codes:
•    Podgorica Airport - TGD
•    Tivat Airport - TIV
Both airports were thoroughly reconstructed in 2006, with a new passenger terminal being built at Podgorica Airport. The airports had a combined traffic of 1,345,509 passengers in 2012.
There are also airports at Berane, Žabljak and Nikšić, but those are used mostly for general aviation, and are not equipped to handle larger aircraft. Ulcinj has a grass-typeairport.


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