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Railway: City with metro system: Tbilisi (see Tbilisi Metro).

1. In April 2005, an agreement was signed to build a railway from Turkey through Georgia to Azerbaijan (see Kars Baku Tbilisi railway line). The line under construction is using Standard gauge until Akhalkalaki. There will be axle change station for wagons to proceed with broad gauge to Baku.

2. In August 2007, Georgia handed over the management rights of the state-owned Georgian Railway company to the U.K.-based company Parkfield Investment for 89 years.

Highway: The road network in Georgia consists of 1,603 kilometers of main or international highways that are considered to be in good condition and some 18,821 kilometers of secondary and local roads that are, generally, in poor condition. Only 7,854 km out of over 20,000 km of Georgian roads are paved.

Airport: 28 (1994 est.) In February 2007 a brand new, modern and fully equipped international Airport was inaugurated in Tbilisi.

1. Tbilisi International Airport
2. Batumi International Airport
3. David the Builder Kutaisi International Airport
4. Mestia Queen Tamar Airport
5. Poti International Airport.



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