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Railway: In Budapest, the three main railway stations are the Eastern (Keleti), Western (Nyugati) and Southern (Déli), with other outlying stations like Kelenföld. Of the three, the Southern is the most modern but the Eastern and the Western are more decorative and architecturally interesting.
Other important railway stations countrywide include Szolnok (the most important railway intersection outside Budapest), Tiszai Railway Station in Miskolc and the stations of Pécs, Győr, Debrecen, Szeged and Székesfehérvár.The only city with an underground railway system is Budapest with its Metro.

Highway: Total: 159,568 km
1. Paved: 70,050 km (including 1515 km of motorways, as of 2011)
2. Unpaved: 89,518 km (2005 est.).

Airport: There are 43-45 airports in Hungary, including smaller, unpaved airports, too. The five international airports are Budapest-Liszt Ferenc, Debrecen Airport, Sármellék Airport (also called FlyBalaton for its proximity to Lake Balaton, Hungarys number one tourist attraction), Győr-Pér and Pécs-Pogány. Malév Hungarian Airlines ceased operations in 2012.


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